HSB Front

The Home State Bank was organized July 10, 1915, by local shareholders that included Herman E. Pankonin, Charles J. Pankonin, John Koop, Henry Stander, John Group and Charles Kraft. John Group was elected the first president of the bank. C.J. Pankonin became president in January, 1918, and held that office until his death in 1960. Harvey Koop was hired as the assistant cashier in September, 1919, and worked in the bank until his retirement in 1977.

The bank enjoyed steady growth throughout the 1920's. The Great Depression of the1930's affected the bank as it did almost every other financial institution, but the Home State Bank survived the lean times and continued to serve the community. During the 1930's Eldora Pankonin and Alan Koop joined Harvey Koop as the other full-time employees. Eldora Pankonin worked at the bank from 1934 until retiring in 1975.

Harvey Koop and the Koop family gradually gained control of a majority of the stock, and Harvey became president upon the death of C.J. Pankonin in 1960. The Pankonin family retained the largest minority interest in the bank and when the Koop family decided to sell their stock in the Fall of 1977, the Pankonins purchased their share holdings.

A new facility at 202 Cherry Street was built in 1979 with a drive-up teller window and off-street parking. Three grandchildren of C.J. Pankonin, Dave Pankonin, Phil Pankonin, and Roxanne (Pankonin) Nissen, have been active in the bank's management since the 1980's.

In 1998 the bank moved back to Main Street and now operates in a new, two-story facility equipped with two drive-up lanes and exterior ATM. The bank's assets have increased from $9 million in the late 1980's to just over $80 million. The Home State Bank is proud of its Louisville and Cass County heritage and looks forward to serving its customers in the years ahead.